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Safer Use Supplies

We offer free safer use supplies at all HEAL locations, through our completely free and discreet syringe services program. Our services are completely anonymous, don't require an ID, and signing up is quick and simple.

Why are safer use supplies so important?

HEAL's locations offer new, sterile needles and other supplies. This exchange service helps to stop the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C and provides a safe means of disposal for used needles. Supplies like fentanyl test trips and naloxone reduce rates of overdose and promote safety and health in the community.

All people deserve health, safety, resources, and autonomy, and we encourage community members to utilize these resources to be in control of their wellness decisions.

Available Supplies

To confirm supplies are in stock before coming in, call 207.990.3626!

  • Sterile Syringes

  • Safer Smoking Kits

  • Fentanyl Test Strips

  • Straps, Cookers, Waters, Saline

  • Alcohol Wipes

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